Holding you to your promise

Chapter 10.3

“Your first challenge in learning Rails is installing Ruby on your computer.” No shit.

“Frankly, this can be the most difficult step in learning Rails because no tutorial can sort out the specific configuration of your computer.”  Daniel Kehoe, I am holding you to your claim, ‘cuz I am done with the RoR installation part.  Better be smooth sailing from here on out.

Chapter 11

No GUI. Just a terminal. Dark background and a bunch of letters that only mean something to a small percentage of the population.  “This is what makes software programming look intimidating to learners. You won’t use menus or buttons as you work. Instead, you’ll type commands, line by line, into a window that looks like a computer interface from the 1970s.” I may feel like Mr. Robot soon.  Gotta go buy a hoodie.

Chapter 11.3

Ignore it, because even though it says ” Bash shell“, “Z shell“, “Oh-my-zsh“, and “Bash-it“, I keep seeing bat. shit. crazy. Not good. No need for any of the bat. shit. crazy. at this point of the game.

Chapter 11.6.3

An interesting fact: “Unix doesn’t like capital letters (“uppercase”)…” Henceforth, all my cursing will be in lower case, otherwise the “system” would not understand.

Chapter 11.6.4 and 11.7.8

Unix command for creating a file is “touch” my file?  Seriously? Eew.  Don’t tell me to get my mind out of the gutter, because the command “touch” is intended to “update the timestamp on files or folders”.   Don’t care.  Still eew.

All in all, the command line short keys (the arrows, tab, Ctrl-a, rm -f…), common as they are, absurdly make me feel that I can too become a hoody-wearing, paranoid hacker vigilante. Someday.


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