Why not learn something hard

I’ve decided to learn Ruby on Rail, despite being about 10 years late and being warned against it by multiple people. Even the classic RoR for dummies book “Learn Ruby on Rail” puts up 16 challenges.

Obstacle #1: It’s difficult to install Ruby – no kidding. I almost threw away my one-month old Mac Pro during the process.  You need Xcode.  Fine download that.  You need to use command line to install Homebrew. What? What?  Must be a bunch white guys who came up with that.  Oh, you need a lite database.  Okay, got it.  BTW, you also need a text editor.  Fine, thank you very much.  By the time Git, RVM and Ruby came along, I didn’t even care whether any of these made any sense.  I just followed the instructions like a robot.  But wait, what the fuck are all these gems?  Whatever, follow the instructions.

Nothing made any FUCKING sense!!!


But I gritted my teeth and did it.  I printed “hello world”.  I didn’t feel good about the whole thing.  I felt pretty stupid.  Maybe Obstacle #16 is right – “People like me don’t go into programming”.  I am not young, not male, and not nocturnal.  Eck.  But I’d like to learn to program.  So I will keep going and bitch along the way.



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